Adventurous Love & Intimate Wedding Photographer

Do you remember reading those choose-your-own adventure books as a kid? I think weddings should be the same way. Choose-your-own-adventure. Elope in the forest? Get hitched at city hall? Big bash surrounded by your closest friends and family? It’s your choice and don’t like anyone tell you otherwise. Wherever you may roam, you’ll probably want some photographs as proof.

For that, I’ve got you covered.

Designed for the wild at heart – elopements are for celebrating your special day off the beaten path without all the fuss and stress of a traditional wedding. Just you + your partner in an EPIC location that makes you both feel as giddy as you do when you look at each other. Look, weddings are supposed to be fun. So dust off those hiking boots, grab a bottle of bubbly and let’s get you married!

But wait there’s more!

Because not everyone wants to run off and elope in the woods, I’m also available for full wedding coverage for weddings of all shapes and sizes – because who doesn’t love a good party? I sure do! Let’s boogie!