Sam & Kyle | Portraits

Sam & Kyle (plus Nikko)

Misson Bay | San Diego, California

Before I moved to Oregon, my friend Sam asked me to take some photos of her, her boyfriend Kyle and their husky, Nikko. Sam and Kyle met the way many of us do these days – good old fashioned Tinder! They clearly were one of the success stories as they have a strong, caring and supportive relationship. Kyle is in the Navy in San Diego, California, where they met, and sometimes he’s sent out for weeks or months at a time. That just means when they are together there’s a lot of love to go around between these three.

We had so much fun running through wildflowers and jumping in San Diego’s Mission Bay, soaking in the early morning light. But truthfully, I think Nikko had the MOST fun out of all of us. I mean just look at that blue-eyed beauty!

Sam told me that she’s not one for photos, which clearly it wasn’t true. But this is something I hear a lot – often to the tune of “I’m awkward,” or “I don’t know how to pose” or “what to I do with my hands?”

I hear you! It’s tough being in front of the camera! But scroll through this gallery and notice that these aren’t formal posed portraits – these are fun, in-the-moment, action shots.

That’s because I approach photography in a photojournalistic way. Rather than asking you to hold uncomfortable poses, I’ll give you some light direction to get you moving and grooving.

Trust me, getting photos taken is not as scary as you may think. I make it as fun and awkward-free as possible.

While I can’t guarantee you won’t get wet, or dirty or covered in sand during our photo session together, I CAN guarantee you’ll be laughing and smiling naturally. No forced fake-smiles allowed here!

A big thank you to our military folks out there for your service.